A Record Store For Everyone

We believe that a record store should appeal to all tastes. And that is why Underdog Records strives to carry a wide variety of product: from this week's newest releases to deep, curated catalogue; from fairly priced + accurately graded used albums to crates of $1 LPs for the digger. We add new inventory to our brick & mortar shop every single day. So whether you are looking for rare psych or jazz records, or a clean VG+ copy of a classic missing from your collection, we strive to satisfy every taste.

  • Used Vinyl at Underdog Records

    We strive to process and stock used albums for every type of collector. You will find that most used albums in the store have been wet cleaned, placed in a fresh inner sleeve, are clearly graded, and many have a QR code on the price sticker that takes you directly to that exact pressing on Discogs (used albums priced $5 and up have this feature). We call this portion of our recent arrivals section Fresh Used.

  • Organic Used

    We also have an 'organic used' portion of our Recent Arrivals section in the store. These are used albums that have been visually inspected and wiped down with a microfiber cloth but have not yet received 'the full treatment' (wet cleaned, re-sleeved, QR code, etc.). We only put used albums in this section priced $10 or below and that are visually very clean. LPs unsold from this section after a brief preview are pulled, processed, and filtered through our Fresh Used section (described above).

  • $1 Bin

    We also have a large $1 bin that we add to daily. This section will inhabit everything from good condition albums we consider typically difficult to sell, to 'starter' copies -- albums that are in playable condition but likely Fair to VG-.