Curated by Underdog: A Vinyl Subscription Service

There is a subscription service for everything these days, including countless vinyl subscription services.  Many send you their 'record of the month' or they use some sort of algorithm to send you what a string of code tells them will suit your tastes.

We call our subscripton service Curated by Underdog because it is precisely that: curated to your tastes based on information we glean when you sign up. I personally hand-select albums for each installment of your subscription and -- trust me -- I stress over each selection and do not take it lightly.

All subscription services can be received as either 1 or 2 LPs at a time, and you can choose a frequency of monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly (once every 3 months).

There are three subscription plans: Beginner, Wild Card, and Metal.

Probably fairly self-explanatory, but the BEGINNER package is for those who are perhaps new to collecting and are largely seeking to get the foundation for their collection before later branching out.  For instance, this subscription service will find you receiving albums from such artists as Led Zeppelin, Otis Redding, Johnny Cash, Bob Marley, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Miles Davis, Muddy Waters, The Rolling Stones, Curtis Mayfield, John Coltrane, Bon Iver, R.E.M., Daft Punk, and the list goes on. You will also have the option of opting out of specific genres at the time of signing up.  So, if you never want to receive a jazz record, or country, or reggae, we can accomodate that.

The WILD CARD package is for those who have been collecting for some time or who may be new to collecting but are adventurous in spirit.  All new susbcribers will still have an opportunity to veto any specific genres (such as jazz, metal, reggae, hip hop/rap, country, etc.) but outside of that, you're giving me free reign to send you albums I genuinely think you'll love from any era or genre.  Sometimes you'll receive a couple records that just came out I'm particularly loving, and other times you'll receive a reissue of a lost 70s gem.  Most of our subscribers are on this plan and consistently contact the store to let me know how much they enjoyed a particular record.

Finally, the METAL package exists because I grew up a metalhead first and foremost, and that section is probably the heaviest curated section in our physical store, and I love sharing those records with others.  The Metal category will see you receiving albums across all sorts of subgenres: doom, black, death, thrash, stoner, groove, and so on.  We will give you the option of vetoing some specific subgenres when signing up .... for instance, if you never want to receive a prog metal record, or black metal, we can accomodate that.  

All new subscribers will be contacted within a day or two of signing up and asked for your Discogs handle so that we can peep your collection.  We check this info every time we are filling your latest subscription order to make sure a) we're not duplicating anything you already own and b) to, of course, get a grasp on your tastes and use that to hand-select our record(s) for each package.  If you do not have a Discogs account, I highly suggest creating one (it's free) and using it to digitally catalogue what you own.  It is an invaluable resource.  If you do not have a Discogs account, however, we'll ask for your Spotify handle (if you have one) to use that for the same purpose of gauging your tastes, or else just send you a questionaire to get started.

All subscribers will create an account with our website when signing up and then will be able to login to that account to cancel or pause their subscription at any time.

All subscriptions are available for free local pickup or a flat $5 shipping per installment, whether you're receiving 1 LP or 2.

Peruse the options below and thank you for your interest in our heavily personalized service!